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hosting service level agreement SLA

Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA)


  1. Summary

  2. Our Goals

  3. Our Promises

  4. Definitions

  5. Your Goals

  6. Restrictions


"You" means our customers using the Global Marketing Group ("we" or "us")  ("shared") hosting service.

This SLA is comprised of Goals we make commercially reasonable efforts to meet, and Promises about the minimum expectations you should have of our hosting services. We will not always meet our Goals, as they define our ambition and we are in the process of building a business to achieve them.

Striving to learn from our experience and in the spirit of setting clear expectations, we have taken this SLA a step further to also document our expectations for Your Goals, so you can be prepared to benefit most from our services.

Our Goals

  1. Assume your positive intent: 100%
  2. Remember email is critical to your business: 100%
  3. Up-time: 100%
  4. Outage Response: under 15 minutes 24x7
  5. Online help desk Trouble Ticket Response, based on your reasonable prioritization
    1. Low: 10 days, no material productivity loss associated with the issue
    2. Medium: 7 days, there may be a work slow down caused by the issue (the default priority for email tickets)
    3. High: 3 days, one person may be experiencing a work slow down
    4. Urgent: 48 hours, one person's work is stopped, or a group may be slowed
    5. Emergency: 24 hours, a group's work may be stopped, or a company's may be slowed
    6. Critical: today, and as soon as practical, a company's work is stopped due to an issue
  6. Chat response: under 5 minutes, 18x7 (7AM-1AM, CDT (EST-5))
  7. Phone response: under 15 minutes, 18x7 (7AM-1AM, CDT (EST-5))
  8. Upgrades and updates

Our Promises

  1. Up-time
    • Average monthly across all services: 99.90%
    • Monthly for each individual service: 99.70%
  2. Outage Response: under 1 hour 24x7


"GMG Systems" are our services that use SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP and other standard internet protocols to send and receive data between you and us across the internet.

"Testing" of the GMG Systems is delivered by cPanel Accelerated2, a server monitoring company, whose role is to provide global, reliable, public, and relatively credible Testing of our Systems over the internet from different countries, simulating your experience with GMG Systems.

"Outage" ("down-time") only occurs when Testing fails due to 100% unavailability of a service.

"Outage Length" is determined from the first Testing failure, to the next Testing success of the service.

"Outage Response" is measured from the time an Outage is reported, to the time we respond to that Outage.

"Outage Impact" is the mailboxes directly impacted by an Outage, excluding those mailboxes indirectly impacted by, for example and not limited to, inability or reduced ability to communicate, share information or work with mailboxes directly impacted.

"Up-time" for a given service is the time from beginning to end of a given calendar period, subtracting the aggregate Outage Lengths outside of Scheduled Maintenance during the given calendar period. Up-time is delivered as a percentage, where 100% means no recorded Outages for a calendar period.

"Trouble ticket response" is measured from the time our online helpdesk successfully receives your ticket, to the time we reply to your ticket or begin work on it, whichever comes first. Use your email address and password to securely login to the online help desk and submit your trouble tickets:

"Chat Response" is measured from the time we receive your chat at our support team's AIM screen name nitronetcom or on-site live support, to the time we respond.

"Phone Response" is measured from the time we receive your call at (949) 689-0449, to the time we answer your call.

Your Goals

  1. Assume our positive intent. We want to help you. Our team is composed of career support technologists.
  2. Remember the technology is such we cannot guarantee 100% up-time, nor resolution of issues within a specific time-frame, only rapid, professional response, an up-time. That is: we are email specialists with nothing better to do than improve your mail systems and fix issues as they occur.
  3. Reasonably assign a priority to your tickets based on our priorities description.
  4. Base your ticket priority on issues directly caused by our systems, that is, issues that we can directly impact and resolve.
  5. In the event you have an external issue causing urgency, for example you are migrating from problem ISPs/mail hosts, or you must quickly remove/change a technical or billing contact for your organization, please chat/call in addition to submitting a ticket, so we can activate a coordinated emergency response.
  6. Help us to help you, more. In the event you assign Emergency or Critical priorities, patiently explain why the issue has such priority for you and your organization in the ticket body so that we clearly understand the imperative.

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